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The French Bulldog: Another Smiling Dog With Bat-Ears

The French Bulldog is the 2019 AKC most popular breed of dog. They belong to the non-sporting group of species within the AKC classification.

They are not large dogs, but they are small bulldogs with bat-like ears. He/she will be suitable in smaller living spaces than the standard Bulldog.

The French Bulldog has the nickname of “Frenchie.” They appear to have a constant smile or frown on their face depending on their mood.

This breed is considered a miniature bulldog that is adaptable. Bulldogs have ample wrinkles and a short nose that will need attention.

Frenchie is a low bark dog that makes a great city or apartment-type dog. He/she is a low-maintenance exercise dog.

They are great companions and an amusing breed to their owners and families. The species is compact and muscular, while socialization is a skill they seem to be born using.

History of the French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a breed that originated from England. After the Industrial Revolution, Someone took them to France, where they acquired their name.

This breed was assumed to come from a bulldog with possibly a terrier and pug. Due to the facial structure and pointed ears. Plus, the compact size.

The breed gained their popularity and immigrated to America, but they were not as welcoming in England. The Bulldog is a much-loved breed, and some did not accept the French Bulldog

This dog has been around the world since the mid-1800s and their induction into American life since the 1900s. Their devotion is admired and loved throughout the United States.

Frenchie Care: Nutrition

Frenchie’s need high-quality pet food that is appropriate for their size and age. This breed is prone to obesity, so careful monitoring is needed. They should not be free-fed.

Since they are prone to obesity and have such a small frame, this can create broader damage. Obesity affects the breed’s other health conditions as well.

Watching their calorie intake and weight is vital to the breed standards. Dog treats add to this and should give in moderation.

Give table scraps sparingly, do so in moderation as this will add to weight gain. Not all human food is ideal for your dog’s health.

Avoid cooked bones and high-fat content foods with this breed. If there are any concerns with weight and diet, contact your veterinarian for advice.

How much to Feed a French Bulldog

A French Bulldog has a sensitive digestive tract, so care in feeding needs to be closely monitored. Puppy feeding care can affect their health in later life.

Experts recommend that they feed three times a day of equal size. Puppies 8 weeks and up should consume one and ½ cups of food a day. This amount can change based on activity level.

Over a year old, 2 cups of adult food should be given to the dog, again split between 3 feedings. Make sure to gradually switching from puppy food to adult food.

Due to their sensitive stomachs, getting advice from a vet professional is recommended. Keep fresh, clean water down, and this will ensure a hydrated pet.

There are many high-quality pet foods available. Probiotic diets for the French Bulldogs are the recommendation for digestion.

Exercising Your Frenchie

This breed is calm, so extensive exercise is not needed, but some movement is necessary. Exercise will reduce the risk of obesity and other health conditions.

The French Bulldog cannot swim due to the proportions and structure of his/her body. Walking around your home or a play activity every day is sufficient for exercise.

Since this is a brachycephalic breed, they are prone to the breathing issue. Due to this, do not exercise in hot and humid weather.

During these weather conditions, exercise can occur indoors. Their size allows this to be possible with just play and navigating your home.

Canine sports are also an option that gives agility, obedience, and socialization necessary for all dog breeds to teach at a community level.

Training the French Bulldog

 Even though the French Bulldog is calm, passive breed socialization and puppy training are still needed. Introducing your pet to a wide variety of people, places, and situations is recommended and beneficial.

The puppy training classes provide socialization with other pets and people. Bonding with the primary caretaker is enhanced. Even in a family unit, there is one dominant owner.

This training will allow your new puppy to identify this. Also, the primary caretaker will learn how to react and implement skills for the puppy and how to handle unwanted behaviors.

All breeds need training, especially in the puppy years. This behavior is not an innate trait but learned, the same as in human development.

The French Bulldog “Frenchie” needs ample training to help them become socially acceptable members of society. They have unique personalities that can make a fantastic pet that goes everywhere with you with fine-tuning.

Frenchie is a people pleaser and can get their feelings hurt easily, so proper positive training is necessary. They can also be very stubborn based on their personality.

Treats can aid in this training with positive reinforcement but use caution on the amount due to weight gain. Game playing with positive behavior can also occur, promoting good behavior, exercise, and bonding with the owner.

Prone Health Conditions

This breed to prone to a variety of health conditions, using a responsible breeder needs to happen. Responsible breeders will do genetic testing on the breed line to ensure the best genetics.

The chance of drowning in this dog increases due to their body structure, so never leave them near a pool, tub, or large water source. Keep their water dish at a level that this will not be a concern.

The French Bulldog is a brachycephalic breed; thus, it is prone to breathing problems. This dog does not adjust well to hot and humid climates. Owners that live in this environment should offer cooling options for comfort.

This flat-faced breed is more sensitive to anesthesia because of the structure of its face. This issue increases the risk for procedures that require anesthesia.

French Bulldogs are also prone to skin and eye conditions:

  • Cherry eye
  • Juvenile cataracts
  •  Entropion
  • Skin allergies
  • Autoimmune skin disorders

Grooming Your Frenchie

Shedding is not a severe problem with the French Bulldog, with proper grooming when brushing is a weekly process with a mitt or medium bristle brush.

This brushing promotes hair growth and spread the natural oils throughout his/her body. Bathing will also remove dead and loose fur, but too many baths will remove the oils the body needs.

Bathing is essential, but so is drying the skin and folds on a French Bulldog. Due to skin allergies and infections, proper drying and care are vital. Leaving the fur wet will create a breakdown and affect the health of your dog.

Nail trimming is also essential due to the pain from long nails. Watch cutting them too short, though, because this can cause even more pain.

Using grooming as a bonding tool while your Frenchie is young can be beneficial. This grooming allows time with the owner and creates a pattern, and gives the French Bulldog time to become comfortable with the process.

The Popularity of the Breed

Many reasons are available on why this breed is so popular; their size and amount of space they need are the most desirable traits that pet owners want.

Not every pet owner lives in a large house with a fence for extensive exercise. Many live in apartments with no yards, and this breed allows these pet owners to have the companionship of the French Bulldog.

The French Bulldog does not need the rigorous exercise that many breeds must-have.  Their grooming needs are minimal as well, but drying is the most prominent feature they must have.

Celebrities and Instagram have a vital part in the popularity of this breed, especially recently. Instagram has this breed listed as one of their top species, and this is because of the celebrity following.

Some celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Reese Witherspoon are proud owners of this dog and share their love with their followers. Social media is how everyone shares their family, and these French Bulldogs are family to many people.

French Bulldogs in the News

The Frenchie is a popular breed, and when that happens, the undesirable criminals come out. That is no different for pure-bred dogs, as there is a black market for them.

Recently there has been an increase in the theft of this breed that the news has been reporting. Lady Gaga has been a topic of this reporting in the last few days.

She owns three French Bulldogs and employs a dog walker and sitter for her residence in Los Angeles. Lady Gaga is currently out of the country filming.

The dog walker was walking all three French Bulldogs when he was shot due to a Robbery. One of the dogs ran and got away. The thief took two of the dogs, and Lady Gaga put up a $500,000 reward for their safe return.

The thief was in a vehicle and pulled over, attempting to steal the dogs while the dog walker tries to protect them physically. This event left the dog walker with a gunshot that he will survive.

Lady Gaga’s dogs have their Instagram page, so this robbery of well-known dogs ends rather quickly. The two French Bulldogs, Gustave and Koji, are now home safe.


French Bulldogs have a temperament that dog lovers seek. The Frenchie adores family life regardless of adults or children, and they want attention and love.

This dog is caring and generous with his/her love, and as long as the owner socializes early, this will be beneficial. When socialization does not happen, then the personality will not be desirable.

These dogs seek socialization, but they are susceptible dogs, ensuring proper steps during social skills training. The French Bulldog is patient, bright, and alert, so they are always watching their owner.

Their personality is enormous in the idea that they bring much laughter and excitement to the family as they bond. This breed of dog is stubborn, though, so authority is frequently a trait of ownership that requires use.


French Bulldogs are desirable by their traits and their personality. Their small size is also a breed classification that owners love. They allow for pet owners that do not have access to free-play frequently.

This breed is prone to a variety of health issues that affect skin, eyes, and breathing. Owners must obtain their French Bulldog from a responsible breeder.

Genetic testing confirmation of the line needs to happen to ensure a healthy family pet. Many breeders look at the amount they are worth and proceed without the testing.

The risk of these dogs disappearing is high due to price, and when the owner is a celebrity, that increases.

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