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Bearded Dragons: Understanding Beardies and How they Love

Bearded Dragons: Understanding Beardies and How they Love


Understanding is necessary to being a pet owner to a “Beardie”. How they love and are affectionate is a huge part in who they are.

The Bearded Dragon is a species of lizards that have a puffed-out throat which gives the appearance of a beard. This beard has a spike like armor when it is puffed out.

This can happen when the bearded dragon is feeling stressed or affected by other stimuli. They are often moody, and this will also expose their bearded chin. Understanding is necessary to being a pet owner to a “Beardie”

Are Bearded Dragons Good Pets?

Bearded Dragons have many extraordinary pet qualities that are not widely known. Their behavior is one of those qualities. They are friendly and love affection and attention.

Since Bearded Dragons are such a laid-back reptile, they do enjoy human attention. They will sit on your shoulder or chest and just lounge.

This trait also gives families the comfortability of this species of lizards, being around children. Children will also benefit from the caretaking responsibility and the attachment associated.

Do Bearded Dragons Have Emotions?

Yes, Bearded Dragons do show emotion and form attachments to their human caretakers. There emotions are not as obvious as other standard pets such as a dog.

Their overall personality will determine how they show their affection and love. The facial features they exhibit most likely will not give away what they are feeling in the moment.

This reptile is complex, so their emotions are complex as well and are fully capable of loving. Their companion and their ability to bond will be a factor.

 What are Bearded Dragons Sleep Schedule Like?

Sleeping is an important part of a bearded dragon’s life, kind of like a teenager. They will sleep between 12-14 hours a day depending on the season.

The warmer the climate the more they will sleep. This is a pet that even during the baby years are not going to disturb the sleep pattern of their human.

They do like it dark when they sleep so a great suggestion would be to determine when your Bearded Dragon likes to sleep. Creating an environment that is suitable for sleep or providing a cover.

Are Bearded Dragons Pet Friendly?

Temperament is the main trait that will determine if an animal is pet friendly. Luckily, Bearded Dragons have a wonderful temperament and are classified as being pet friendly.

It would not be advised to immediately mix different pets together but through introductions comfortability can be established.

Slow interaction would be the best transition in adding any new pet to a family. This strategy will ensure that all pets are being made comfortable.

What Environment does a Bearded Dragon Need?

A lone adult Bearded Dragon requires a large aquarium at least 50 gallons or more. Make sure the aquarium has a screen enclosure for the top of the aquarium.

If a baby Bearded Dragon is added to the family, a smaller tank can used but will outgrow it. They need an elevated structure and a hiding space, so they feel comfortable.

Heat is an important feature to have in their environment as this is required. Temperature can rage 80-85 degrees up to 105!

Adding UV lighting to the environment is necessary. A rotation of day and night is important to keep sleep schedules. Rotate light usage with 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness.

Bearded Dragons needs a humid environment but in different climates this may be difficult to raise or lower. Play sand can be used to help keep the humidity in its proper place, after it is rinsed.

What Does a Bearded Dragon Eat and Drink?

When a Bearded Dragon is chosen as a pet, they require a diet of plants and insects. They should be fed every 24 hours.

Crickets should be used that are the appropriate size of the Bearded Dragon. Vegetables should be a mixture equivalent to a salad and fruit can be added for nutritional value.

A shallow dish for water needs to be in every environment with proper cleaning daily.  Depending on the tank size a larger soaking dish can be added as Bearded Dragons love to have a bath.

What Health Problems Do Bearded Dragons Have?

 Their diet is based off vegetables and crickets, so these guys get protein and leafy greens. This makes them prone to digestive issues such as impaction.

They are also prone to upper respiratory infections so being mindful of mucus and congestion is advisable. Lastly, they can have bone issues from an inherited bone disease.

Regular vet check-ups are needed to keep these in our pet family. They have a lifespan of 7-10 years, but reports show they can live much longer than that.

Is There Products available for Bearded Dragons?

Products for a Bearded Dragon depends on the personality and likes of the dragon. A hammock is available and makes a great addition to a terrarium.

Placement is important though. Hanging the hammock to high will help any escape artist. The hammock has suction cups and placing just off the bottom of the tank is best.

Available for a Bearded Dragon is a harness and leash. Exercise for any pet is important and this is a great way to have bonding time with your pet!

Training can be accomplished with any pet and what better way than with treats that are species specific. Bearded Dragons prefer treats of the insect nature.

Freeze dried crickets make a great treat for your dragon. This is way to reduce unwanted behavior with the use of positive reinforcements.

Benefits of Raising a Bearded Dragon?

Bearded Dragons are a social pet and since they are gentle by nature, they are easy to tame. Introducing them to other family pets is also an option as they love attention.

These Dragons come in many vibrant colors and sizes so a fit can be established by a potential owner likes. This will create a better fit for the relationship between pet and owner.

Once your dragon is in their environment there is not a ton of upkeep that they require on their terrarium. At this point it is about care for them, love, and attention.

They develop their very own personality, so they are not all the same.  A Bearded Dragon is unique and a welcome addition to any family that has love and attention to give.

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