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Benefits of Having a Starter Pet for Children

Benefits of Having a Starter Pet for Children

Should Children Have Pet’s?

Pet’s and children can be a difficult subject. Not all pets are good with children and not all children are good with pets.

They can teach children responsibility for their care. Giving children jobs to do can be beneficial to their upbringing.

The sense of companionship they provide to children also are beneficial. Pet’s gives a sense of having someone with them.

Companionship can aid children of detachment from their parents. This is a healthy transition that is apart of childhood.

Teaching Responsibility to Children Through Pet Care

When a pet is part of the family, whether it is a fish, cat, or dog this teaches children responsibility. Give your child a small job to start with providing care.

Start with feeding, have your child feed the pet everyday till a pattern is built. Based on their age will determine the care associated.

This all will teach love, respect, and responsibility. Feeding is how pets and people bond. Starting with feeding will allow the pet to identify the child is caring for them.

This will teach your child that if they do not feed the pet, that they won’t eat. Just as if the parent doesn’t cook, they won’t eat.

This is just a simple task that can teach the youngest of children the importance of pet ownership. Even a toddler can feed a pet with assistance.

Companionship for Children Through Pets

Even the basic pets love attention and so do children. Ever had a fish and you go to feed them, and they swim to the glass?

This can give your child a place within your pet family. Even with fish, their tanks are said to be calming.

Whether a cat or dog they can bond with your child to form a friendship. This will stand the test of time.

Children and pets have a basic need for attention. Providing that to both through companionship can be beneficial.

Having someone meet you excited when you come home is the best feeling. That can be obtained with a variety of pets.

What Pet is the Best for Children?

The best pet for children to start with are fish. This will teach the basic care from feeding and cleaning the tank.

Starting with a betta fish is simple and the environment is easy to care for. Since betta fish cannot be put together this will require one fish.

The tank is smaller so cleaning can be easy for the first-time pet owner. For the younger children it can also provide a nightlight.

Betta’s come in a variety of colors. Having them help pick their first pet can give a sense of accomplishment.

This will also allow for the bonding to begin. Have your child pick the environment too.

The betta also does not need the filter system or a heater. This allows for optimal conditions for the younger child.

Benefits of Pets with Children

Pets can be educational as pets are narrowed down to species and breed. From fish, cats, dogs, and reptiles they come in all different forms and variety.

No two are the same and therefore can teach your children the educational background. Adding animal books to their new pet can be aa start to this.

Attachment is also a benefit as if they are an only child, they can learn attachment through them. More than one child and this can teach sharing.

Pets have a calming effect as well, so with younger children this can create a playmate. Having a sense of being needed is important to children.

Pets for the Older Children

Reptiles are a greater starter pet for the older child. Reptiles are not recommended for younger children.

They still require care but starting out do not take as much care as a pet such as a dog. Reptiles still love attention but give space also.

Reptiles also have a longer lifespan than fish do. There lifespan range from 8-10 years based on the species.

A bearded dragon will also not keep your child up at night. They sleep 10-12 hours at night.

Picking a pet is important and research which is best for your child and family. Every family is different and has different needs.

Pets for Children

This decision may not be right for every family. Pets do take work and cannot be ignored.

They teach responsibility and care for children. The educational benefits are great as they all differ.

Whether a cage or tank environment your child can help design it. This creates individuality and ownership to their pet.

Not all pets will be right for all children but researching this will create a good start. Bonding is an important part of life.

Teaching bonding while a child is young can be beneficial in many ways. Feeding and cleaning the area is a good place to start.

Starting your child off with a starter pet is advised as pet ownership is not for everyone.

Psychology of Pets

Through research children and pets are shown to have healing effects. They create a bond that often cannot be broken.

Pets are shown to reduce stress in children, while improving communication skills. Even when pets cannot talk back children will talk to them.

This creates imaginative play as well as a deeper bond. Imagining telling a secret to a friend that cannot and will not break your trust.

Pets are providing positive child development. The nurturing effect is what creates that.


Pets can be beneficial to several aspects of children. This is going depend on the family and their dynamics.

Not all families are going to have the life that pets will fit into. Just like not all children are going to be okay with pets and their care.

While there are benefits, there are also risks associated to the animal and the child. Personality to each is not going to always fit.

Doing your research and consulting your entire family is important. Keep in mind this is a family decision and not just one person.

Pets are a responsibility and not one that can be just put away. They are here to stay. Some families function best with that pet!

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