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The Golden Retriever Dog: Friendly, Kind, and Intelligent

The Golden Retriever Dog is ranked by the 2019 AKC popularity as the #3 top breed. These are amazing dogs whether as service dogs or family pets.

This breed has been used extensively throughout the service dog community due to its trainability and intelligence.

They originated in Scotland and they are classified as a sporting breed. Crossbreeding is done for their fur and intelligence.

These dogs have sought after temperament and markings. Their personality is kind and tolerant.

The lifespan is approximately 13 years, so they live a full life with the proper care and devotion. Their weight maximum is 65-75 pounds full grown.

The Golden Retriever History

This breed was produced with the aid of Dudley Marjoribanks. They were developed in the Scottish Highlands during Queen Victoria’s reign.

The development of this breed took 50 years as the traits Dudley was trying to create were of benefit for a gundog. There were four breeds mixed to create the Golden Retriever.

One of these breeds is no longer in existence and classified as extinct. The breeds used were a Yellow Retriever, Tweed Water Spaniel (Extinct), The Irish Setter, and A Bloodhound.

This process took several generations and much patience but that paid off and they were introduced. In 1908 they were displayed at a British dog show.

After this time, they started to enter the United States through Canada, but this is not where they became popular. During President Gerald Ford’s term, his Golden Retriever “Liberty” put them in the limelight.

Care of The Golden Retriever: Nutrition

The Golden Retriever needs high-quality pet food that provides nutritional balance based on age, weight, and performance. They are prone to being overweight so monitoring calorie count and activity is necessary.

Dog treats should be given in moderation due to the calorie intake that can be damaging. Treats are beneficial in training though, too many can cause obesity.

Table scraps are not recommended and should be given with caution. Avoid cooked bones and high-fat content due to creating obesity.

Not all human foods are safe for dogs so researching and talking to your vet is advised. Taking care of nutrition and watching weight and diet is suggested.

Exercise Needs of The Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is an active breed and needs daily exercise. When appropriate exercise is not given, they will act out behaviorally.

This breed was bred for a sporting breed therefore, stamina was one main trait that was being achieved. They love running with their owners, but this activity needs to be advised based on health.

Check with your vet for specific exercise needs and health conditions. This activity has the potential for strain on the muscles and bones.

Many Golden Retrievers get their exercise from hunting trips as they are wonderful hunting companions. Dog agility activities are also available for active dogs.

Exercise is an important component of being a successful pet owner. Each dog has its own needs and requirements.

Researching and education are important before dedicating time and efforts to a pet. Responsible pet ownership is depending on that. Not all breeds are suitable for all people.

Training for Your Golden Retriever

Training is essential to all dog breeds and they differ between each. Knowing this and educating yourself on what your dog needs are an essential part of ownership.

Early socialization is needed to prepare your dog for other people and animals to be socially acceptable. Puppy training classes are recommended, and this will promote bonding and socializing as well.

Introducing your Golden Retriever to various people, places, and events will help create a well-rounded pet. It is recommended to do this between the ages of 7 weeks and 4 months.

 Puppy training is not just for the puppy, the owner is able to identify bad behavior and how to correct it. Since this breed is eager to please its owner, this establishes a bond.

They are an easy breed to train due to their loyalty and their outgoing personality. Their overall temperament is friendly and through proper training, this can be achieved.

Grooming Needs

The Golden Retriever has a thick, double-layer, and water-repellant coat. This creates a large amount of hair to maintain luckily, they are mostly seasonal shedders.

One to two times a year they go through excessive shedding to replace their coat. They do shed other times, but this is the bulk of their shedding.

Brushing their fur 1-2 times a week with a slicker brush will reduce the amount of hair left behind. During seasonal shedding, brushes are required more often.

Bathing during this time of year will help loosen the dead hair and allow brushing to be more effective. Ensure after the bath, he/she is completely dry, or it will create a mess.

Non-seasonal shedding will implement more bathing than other times of years. Occasional bathing is advised based on activity to remove dirt and potential mud on fur.

Nail care is standard and needs to be done regularly but be advised to actively grinding some of their nails down. Trimming too much of their nails can cause severe pain.

Prone Health Conditions

Like many breeds, Golden Retrievers are prone to certain health conditions that owners should be watchful of. With responsible breeding, this can be reduced.

Many breeders do genetic testing of the parents before breeding is initiated. This will protect the line and conditions that can be passed to the litter of puppies.

This breed can suffer from:

  • Hip & Elbow dysplasia
  • Juvenile Cataracts
  • Pigmentary Uveitis
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Heart Disease
  • Sub valvular Aortic Stenosis

Dentals are needed as well, whether independently or through a service provided at the vet. The ears should be monitored on a weekly basis for infection as well.

Golden Retriever Work History

The Golden Retriever dog was created for its ability to aid in hunting with its owners. This is the reason for the sporting class category of breed and structure of the breed.

They were produced to be a gundog based on the structure of their mouth. Their mouths are called soft mouths due to their ability to retrieve a hunting kill with no damage.

This what they were bred for, and this took 50 years of crossbreeding to achieve. Once released to the public their resume increased to guide dogs to the blind and deaf.

Due to their trainability and intelligence, they are used in search and rescue with their mouths aiding in this as well. Their traits bring an advantage to this profession.

Markings and Temperament

The Golden Retriever has a recessive golden coat, and this is where they got their name. They do come in a variety of shades though.

They range from gold, white, black, and yellow so they come in multiple shades. These markings have to do with pigmentation in the skin coat and not from being mixed with some other breed.

Due to their temperament, they are sought after to be family pets. They are intelligent, kind, friendly, and trustworthy. They bond quickly with their owners and family.

Adding this breed to a family in the puppy years will create a personality that will mix well with a family. Children and pets can then learn and grow together.

This creates a bond that will be hard to break and loyalty that will last for the life of the pet.

The Golden Retriever Conclusion

The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular breeds of dogs throughout the world. The AKC identifies them in the 2019 number 3 breed spot and for good reason.

Their temperament is friendly and kind, and through proper training and socialization, a well-mannered family pet will emerge. They are energetic and playful all the way through adult life.

They are prone to obesity but watching their diet and regular vet checks can be avoided. The excessive treat will aid in this, but treats are essential for training.

Positive reinforcement is encouraged due to their eagerness to please their owner. They may have been bred for hunting dogs, but they have taken a vital role in the family environment.

It is obvious to the writer that the Golden Retriever is a smart choice for the #3 spot of most popular dog. They are well-rounded and smart breeding was used.

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