Is your business pet friendly? A New Platform for Pet Friendly Restaurants and more » Pet Friendly Spots

Is your business pet friendly? A New Platform for Pet Friendly Restaurants and more

Is your business pet friendly? A New Platform for Pet Friendly Restaurants and more

Is your business pet friendly? Do you allow dogs? Have treats on hand just in case someone brings along their furry friends? is now offering exclusive listings to pet friendly business owners in an aggressive marketing campaign.

This website features pet friendly restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, gyms, apartment complexes and more. Although the site caters to all pet owners, the site’s purpose and main drive is to help pet owners looking to move or find another rental.

It’s often difficult to find an apartment or rental that is willing to accept all your pets and that will also not charge you an arm and a leg in additional deposits, fees and monthly rent.

Pet friendly businesses can now feature their business and take advantage of the website’s nationwide marketing campaign to gain exposure.

What do you get?

Pet Friendly Spots currently offers a free upgrade to their business package which allows for more featured listings and bumps to drive additional exposure. The Business package is normally $10 but free with the promo code 12PFS2020.

As a pet friendly business you can now post your business details like location, hours and contact details. You can also add high definition images, videos from your YouTube channel and there is a map that gives visitors directions to your business.

There is a great deal of focus on attention to detail and the fact that they are dedicated to providing the most accurate and well curated database for pet owners. The goal is to set the right expectations and make sure that patrons are well aware of what to expect before arriving at your business location.

Uh Oh!

Doing things this way prevents many embarrassing or uncomfortable situations that pet owners and business owners face. The cause is simply miscommunication or some level of misunderstanding in terms of what is allowed.

They also allow business owners to create and promote events on the platform as well, but a premium account is required for that. No worries, it’s only $25 and the listings never expire from the site. This package also comes with even more bumps. This way you can bump your listings back up to the top of the website.


This site is bigger than just pet friendly restaurants and apartments.

Even apartment locators can post their properties. Realtors can list rentals. Vitamin shops and parks are featured there as well. Virtually any pet friendly establishment or pet service provider will benefit from claiming their listing for free exposure.

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