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Local Pet Store or Big Box Pet Store, Which One?

Local Pet Store or Big Box Pet Store, Which One?

There are many options for pet stores in the community. Whether to use a chain pet store or a local pet store is a personal choice.

Chain pet stores such as PetSmart and Petco, offer more to choose from as in products. Local pet stores offer the option to really getting to know your pets.

You can find local pet stores in each community, but do they offer just products? Comparing them to find what is beneficial to your pet family is important.

One local pet store that was found in Thomasville, NC has a lot to offer the community besides pet knowledge. Charmin’s Pet Store

Local Pet Store

Generally local pet stores are there to meet you from the owner. This creates a sense of community. Community is necessary in our world today.

They offer a smaller atmosphere while still giving the products you are looking for. There may not be as wide of a variety though.

The interaction will be different as the corporate dynamic is not involved. The customer service is coming from local staff.

They are unique in nature. The set up of the store is not based off volume selling. The setup is about comfort.

A local pet store goes back into the local economy. They cater to the community versus the corporate world.

Big Box Pet Store

The larger pet store does supply a bigger selections and brands, they lack community efforts. The price is competitive as well.

Many big box pet stores supply a veterinarian at their location for ease. Grooming and obedience school is also onsite.

Offer more staff for multiple customers at a time. Create a busier atmosphere as staff is more available.

Corporate rules and regulations are in effect and always watched. When there is a recall, it is quicker to identify.

Adoptions available on site, allowing for less pet purchasing and more adopting.

A pet-friendly environment is available but breed restriction is enforced. This includes training and grooming services.

Charmin’s Pet Store

Charmin’s Pet Store in Thomasville NC was opened March 2020 at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Community is a vital part of this store.

Through the owner’s dedication to staying open when so many businesses have closed is amazing. Community support was added to help this local business.  

The owner opened the doors for youth who loved animals to help care for them. Also tours for developmentally challenged adults was added.

Owner uses local businesses also to supply his store with products. He keeps displays for local community members to sell various items.

Keeps the layout of the store simple, clean, and orderly. Community involvement is his number one priority.

Local pet stores are easier to keep up with and the joy of actually watching babies being born is possible! Pictured above is a mother bunny with her babies.

Community is the basis behind this pet store and when you enter, you are greeted by name. You are seen as a friend, not a customer.

From unusual to common, you will find it all in this store. Fish, doves, snakes, and rats. Feeder fish and crickets for the lizards, everything needed is available with a friendly atmosphere.

Pet Stores and Pets

Pet stores are vital to having a pet whether is for the services they offer or for special dog food. This is where a big box chain pet store would be beneficial.

Smaller local pet stores are more for the community and friendly atmosphere than for a wide variety of products. You will still find these products, just not the wide variety.

Both of these options are going to depend on the pet owner and the needs and wants. It may be a mixture of the two or one over the other.

Finding the best fit will be different for each household but the options are there. Experience and dedication cannot be judged as this is a personal thing and not based on a store.

Each offers their own experience of owning and supplying pets. Pets are an important part of many families and their care relies on the owners, so this decision is a personal one.

Fish are friends, not food! – Dory

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