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How to Plan a Trip with your Pets: Find Pet Friendly Hotels, Restaurants and Bars

How to Plan a Trip with your Pets: Find Pet Friendly Hotels, Restaurants and Bars

The world around you has become a pet-loving place, which makes it very easy to plan a fun and exciting vacation for the whole family, including your pet. The process of planning any trip can be time-consuming, never mind when you have a furry stowaway aboard, so here are some questions that need to be answered and few tips to help you plan the best pet friendly trip ever!

What are my first steps?

No matter where you go, there are bound to be a ton of fun activities for you to enjoy with your pet. Look for pet friendly restaurants with patios. Ask if they will allow you to sit on the patio with your pet. Many restaurants will even provide a bowl of water, and some have special menu items especially for their furry patrons.

Many national parks, beaches, community parks, gardens and historical sites allow you to bring your leashed, well-behaved pet with you when you hike, swim and tour. Some may only allow pets during certain times of the year, or only in certain areas, if at all. You will want to research each planned destination, and make note of any rules and regulations you should follow. Most of these places will have signs that state if pets are allowed and if they need to be leashed.

Some malls and shops will allow pets to accompany their owners while they shop, especially breeds that are small enough to carry. Ask permission before you assume this is true for any retail location.

What Pet Travel Etiquette Should I Follow?

While on the road with your pet, or at the airport, you will want to ensure that your pet doesn’t impede on other’s space. Some people are scared of pets, or are extremely allergic. Practice good manners, and keep your pet leashed and in control at all times.

Always have an empty bag. You want to be able to clean up after your pet, no matter where you go. Pet friendly travel only works if we all do our part. If pet owners don’t pick up after their pets, we will all lose the privilege of traveling with our favourite companions, when hotels and national parks get fed up with the mess.


Now, at the pet friendly hotel, keep your pet’s voice at an inside level. It is understandable that pets will bark when someone walks by the room. It is your job, as a pet owner, to teach your pet to quiet down. If you think this will be an issue for your pet, consider purchasing a white noise maker. These handy gadgets will keep your pet from hearing the other guests, and will keep everyone happy.

What Do I Need to Bring to Keep my Pet Safe?

Before you leave, pack your pet’s things. Bring any medications your pet will need, poop bags, enough food for your entire trip, water and food bowls, a jug of water, an extra leash, a fold-up crate, a pet first aid kit and veterinary and shot paperwork. When you’re ready to hit the road, secure your pet with pet safety belt and you will be ready to enjoy your pet friendly getaway.

Where can I stay with my pet?

Many hotel chains allow pets to stay at their hotels. Most of them set aside a certain number of rooms in which they allow animals to stay. This helps to avoid disturbing other guest’s allergies. For this reason, it is important to make reservations in advance.

Therefore, when you call to make your reservation, ask if there is a pet fee or damage deposit involved. Many hotels charge $35 to $60 per night, but some waive the fee completely. If you put down a deposit, you will get it back after you checkout, as long as your room is left undamaged. You will also want to ask about their regulations. Some may have size or breed restrictions, or only allow a certain number of animals per room.

Rules to follow

Also, you will want to be familiar with any rules regarding pets inside the hotel, and on the grounds. Some common rules are to pick-up after your pet, take your pet to a certain area to relieve them, and do not leave your pet unattended in the room.

If you don’t want to stay in a hotel, or have trouble finding a pet friendly hotel in the area you would like to stay, check out websites like Vacation Rentals By Owner or, where you can search for pet friendly vacation rental homes. If you’re traveling with a large group, a vacation home rental can be a smart choice, and may save you money. Rules for pets will vary by location, so check the listing that interests you for fine print.


So to conclude, the problem of where to stay, where to get the food for your pet and other pet friendly businesses can be easily found and booked before leaving your home.

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