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Red-Nose Pitbull Dog: Their Potential, Temperament and Controversy

Red-Nose Pitbull Dog: Their Potential, Temperament and Controversy

The Pitbull breed has always had a substantial amount of controversy surrounding them. Based One side of the spectrum feels the breed is misunderstood and can become aggressive by their handling.

The other side find them to be an aggressive breed and no matter their upbringing they will at some point attack and kill. There are associations on both sides of this argument, but which one is right?

The Red-Nose Pitbull

The Red-Nose Pitbull is based on the breed and the coloring. This type of Pitbull is reddish brown in color and most lovers of the breed choose this coloring as it is currently the most popular.

Owners of Pitbull’s classify them as loyal, caring, and personable. This particular-colored Pitbull if purebred with papers can cost anywhere from $450.00-$2000.00.

They can get to weight between 30-60 pounds depending on the frame and they are increasing in numbers of becoming companion dogs. They tend to pick one person to bond with and become completely devoted.

Meet Precious

Precious has a rather long and complicated story but she is worth it! She has brought so much joy into peoples lives that she has finally found her forever home.

Unfortunately, that process took 9 long years! Precious life can be traced till she is a year old but through DNA tested it was determined that she is 99.8% Red-nose Pitbull.

Precious’s History

She was found by her previous owner at a flea market and through the vet check she had; she was projected to be a year old. At the flea market there was a group of men that were selling Pitbull’s and she is not one that sold that day.

This group of men left precious and this is where her previous owners obtained her. The problem was she was extremely scared and skittish around people for 9 years.

She has a deep fear and displays periods of attachment issues that result in tremors that look like seizures. So, it is presumed at some point that she has been abused.

Precious’s Next Family Home

The family that rescued her at the flea market decided to keep her a give her a home. A single father with 2 young boys took her home and made her family.

Fast-forward 8 years and Dad found love and moved his new girlfriend and her 4 small children in. Yes, that makes 6 kids, but Dad’s new girlfriend is afraid of Pitbull’s due to their bad reputation.

The current owner of Precious received a phone call from a now 15-year-old boy (One of the boys that rescued her from the flea market) begging her to save his dog.

Precious was scheduled to be taken to the animal shelter the next day to be put down. She had not even done anything; she was going to be put down out of fear of a breed.

Precious Forever Home at Last

The current owner agreed to take her and picked her up that night. Precious immediately jumped in the car and took to a family that she did not even know. Love was formed immediately with her new family.

Since Precious was in a single pet home the new owners had a problem. They had 2 other dogs! Precious and the curious Great Dane did not start out well but through careful social introduction they now love each other.

Precious new family is special because the kids / teenagers are timid and have issues like her. Two of the kids have autism so she is a companion to the kids and the kids are a companion to her.

More About Precious

Precious needs a special diet due to some dog food causing skin issues for her so she is on a grain free diet. She does like table food, but it is frown upon. Her favorite people food is pepperoni. Yes, she is a mooch on pizza night.

Precious is allergic to fleas so monthly she gets prescription flea medication. The tremors she experiences when her separation anxiety is triggered is handled with love, attention, and safety.

Precious is crate trained as her bladder does not allow for a crate free home at night. When tremors hit, she does not sleep in her crate for safety reasons and her new family keeps her close.

Lastly, Precious is extremely protective of her family. You can be assured that if a leaf is blowing in the wind the whole house will know it. Her new family does not need a doorbell!

Precious has never shown any signs of aggressive behavior in anyway, except if you are a piece of pepperoni. Her timid and fear-based behavior show she has been mistreated.

Precious Unusual Behavior

Precious grunts like an old man if she gets annoyed with you, especially if you want her spot on the couch. She also has this odd fascination with being spanked just before her tail starts.

If you ask Precious if she wants to go out, she will start barking and physically dancing like she just entered a night club. Oh, and only certain people can put her on a leash, or you will have a chase around the house.

Precious grunts, groans and huffs and you always know when you are getting on her nerves. Precious also love to dress-up as pictured below!!

Pitbull Temperament Sordid Past

Most owners of this breed will classify them as sweet, gentle, and loving. The problem is their controversial background. Some cities and towns have even gone so far as banning the breed.

Pitbull’s were trained for centuries to fight and this originated from England to fight each other and other animals. This shows that the fighting nature is not something new.

In the past bear baiting was used and the Pitbull was used for this activity and that created the origin of using many of these dogs as bait dogs. This is still an ongoing problem.  

Lastly, also originated in England after Bear baiting was determined to be illegal. Pitbull’s would be thrown in a “pit” full of rats and the first Pitbull out was the winner.

Raising any dog in the wrong environment can be toxic and create an aggressive dog. Each dog has their own temperament and personality but in general Pitbull’s as pets are defined as a sweet and loving breed.

Pitbull Jobs in Society

Pitbull’s are becoming part of society as in the way of working professional dogs. This breed is used as service dogs and companion dogs regularly and since they are so good and gentle with children, they can benefit Autism.

They are used by law enforcement for their sniffing ability. Pit’s are sniffing out drugs and bombs on a regular basis.

The breed if raised and trained right has so much potential if the stigma can be removed or lessoned. Pitbull’s are entering the world even if some places are banning them out of fear.

One interesting fact is they were bred to be fighters in England and guess who has the breed banned? Correct, England does.

Pitbull Facts

Pitbull’s are referred to as a “Nanny Dog” due to the well nature behavior with children. Also did you know the older television show “The Little Rascals”, the dog portrayed is a Pitbull?

There is an organization that tests the temperament of breeds of dogs called the American Temperament Test Society. The temperament given to the Pitbull is over 83% which ranked higher than the Border Collie.


Pitbull’s are a pet, dog, or companion. Yes, they have a sordid history but through training and correct raising they are becoming family.

Look at Precious, she displays behavior associated with being abused but she is non-aggressive to humans, animals, and plants! Because of fear it took her a bit to find her place but doesn’t that apply to us all.

This is just one side of the debate and the other side will be explored as well because there is damaging data for both sides. Precious is just one example and unfortunately every Pitbull has not been able to end as successfully as her.

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