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The Great Dane: Loving and Understanding the Breed

The Great Dane: Loving and Understanding the Breed

The Gentle Giant aka Apollo

Great Danes are a massive breed of dog that are intimidating by their sheer size and bark. It takes an amazingly patient person to raise a breed such as this from a puppy.

At about 5 weeks old already weigh about 12 pounds. These dogs grow fast so enjoy them while they are little because it will not last exceptionally long.

This massive breed is often called “A Gentle Giant” or “Apollo” but they are a true baby at heart!

Great Dane’s: Traits

Great Danes are never aware of their sheer massive size, so they believe they are lap dogs. At times they will lounge on the back of a couch as if they are a cat and yes, they will fall.

They are not graceful in nature at all. They will tumble, trip and run into a wall.

Their tail will wag aggressively when they are excited so be careful where you stand. Especially at the height they stand!

Great Dane’s: Protectiveness

The Gentle Giants are loveable, protective and smart. They are the gift pet owners get for tolerating the outside world.

This is the tallest breed and measuring at 3.6 feet on all fours they do not go unnoticed. Which attribute to their breed being amazing guard dogs. There bark alone will protect your family.

Always introduce a Great Dane to your mailman and local UPS driver or they will throw your package and run. They have very keen hearing, and they are better than a doorbell.

Great Dane: Social

They are a social breed so with enough socialization they can become a socially acceptable in all avenues. They are attention seekers and if they feel ignored, they will get your attention.

Great Dane’s:  Facial Structure

They drool! A lot! A Great Dane has folds in their skin that hang around their jaws which create an excessive amount of drool.

Not all Great Dane’s have this facial structure but if they do, watch out! They will shake and drool will fly everywhere.

A carpet is advised under their watering system due to the excessive drool especially when they are eating or drinking. This breed should not free feed as they will overeat. 

Great Dane: Health

Dane’s are prone to health conditions such as hip dysplasia and bloat. Due to their eating style, they require a feeding system that is elevated.

A special diet is suggested as their stomachs tend to be sensitive to foods. During the puppy years standard puppy dog food can make them grow too fast.

They are also a moderately playful breed but due to their size can cause havoc! When they are up on their back two legs, they can reach over 6.5-7 feet tall and weigh between 120-200 pounds.

Meet Bear

Meet Bear! Bear is a Black Pure Bred Great Dane with a white patch on his chest. Bear is currently 4 years old and fully grown.

Bear weighs 150 pounds and stands over 6 feet tall. He is not the biggest or the smallest of Great Dane.

People Food

Standing on all 4 legs he is the same height as the kitchen counters. He does enjoy people food.

At dinner one night he pulled the skillet down from the counter and broke the handle. He retrieved a blanket to cover it up after finishing the meal.


He is playful, loveable and smart. His companion is a 16-year boy that has autism, and they are inseparable.

Bear has a superpower though! One member of his family has seizures and during a seizure he holds them down with his paws till the seizure ends.


Great Danes make great family pets, but they are a handful. Currently Bear has eaten 2 sectional couches, a wall and several dinners!

This breed take a great deal of patience that not every family is up for. They need space, attention and love. Training while they are puppies is suggested as the bigger, they get the more stubborn they get.

Since, they can be a stubborn breed so train them for bath time as a puppy or you are going to get wet attempting to put a 150-pound dog in a tub! I promise they will win!


There are many great products available for Great Dane’s. A slow feeding bowl is a bowl designed to slow the intake while your dog is eating.

Great Dane’s take in too much air when they feed too quickly which can cause bloat. This is a condition that can twist a Great Dane’s stomach.

Due to Great Dane’s being prone to hip dysplasia there are orthopedic beds available. These bed use memory foam and have a removable cover to be washed.

Based on their size a no-pull harness is also helpful as they are trained. A longer leash is also helpful as this will lessen the amount of pull.

Great Dane’s: Overview

Great Dane’s have extremely high potential to being part of a family if the patience level and time is available. They are amazing companions and have so much love to give.

The personality they possess is so genuine and is obvious as they are huffing at you because you caught them doing something they were not supposed to. They do have a guilty conscience!

While they are not a lap dog, they will try everything in their power to become one. Try to resist a 150-pound dog sitting on your lap looking at you with true puppy dog eyes.

Just remember, never leave your dinner within reach. The top of the refrigerator is the safest place to keep it out of their reach.

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